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Serving Southern Manitoba with Offices in Winkler & Portage la Prairie


At Tru-Fit Denture Clinic’s two Manitoba locations, we offer a range of denture services, including making complete, partial, and immediate dentures. We work one-on-one with you to see if dentures are the best option for your oral health. You can request a free consultation to get started.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures refer to the type of dentures used when all of your natural teeth are missing. These dentures are removable and stay in place due to suction. Complete dentures can be immediate or conventional.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used when more than just a few of your teeth are. Partial dentures are removable and are held in place by clasps attached to the nearby natural teeth. It is advisable to have a complete exam with a dentist before fabricating a partial denture.

Immediate Dentures

Conventional dentures are usually made after your teeth are removed while immediate dentures are made before. The benefit of immediate dentures is that you don’t have to live without teeth during the healing period following the extraction procedure. However, immediate dentures usually need to be relined since during healing your bones and gums can shrink.

Denture Repairs

Get the most out of your denture investment with denture repairs. Dentures can break, crack, or sustain a number of other problems. Whatever the problem, Tru-Fit Denture Clinic can handle it with denture repairs. We can even offer two hour denture repair service for simple issues.

Teeth Whitening & More

We understand that the appearance of your smile is just as important to you as your oral health. A bright, white smile boosts confidence. That’s why we carry teeth whitening trays and other similar products. Our clinic also stocks Renew® denture cleaner.

Mouthguards and  Night Guards

In addition to our denture services, Tru-Fit Denture Clinic provides custom mouthguards for sports and nighttime use. Mouthguards are important to any athlete because they can protect your teeth from impact, saving them from breakage. Mouthguards can also prevent concussions. For those who clench or grind their teeth at night, a night guard should be worn to prevent damage to your teeth.

Renew Denture Cleaner

Denture cleaner is vital for keeping your dentures clean and in good condition. It is ideal for removing substances such as tartar, bacteria, plaque, tobacco, and calcium build up. Renew Denture Cleaner is available for $10.00 a bottle at our clinics in Portage la Prairie and Winkler. Shipping is available for our out-of-town customers at an additional charge. Please give us a call to place your order.

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